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Completely Transform Your Health With Delicious, Easy To Prepare Smoothies For Increased Energy, Fast Weight Loss And Numerous Other Health Benefits!

 Now you can finally achieve all your health goals in just 10 minutes each day...

Have you been searching for a natural way to lose weight, instead of starvation diets, risky surgery, and supplements and pills with dangerous side effects?

Do you dislike the taste and texture of many fruits and vegetables, so fall back on unhealthy fast food that only add to your current weight and health problems?

Do you long to eat healthy, but believe you’re “too busy” to shop for and prepare fruits and vegetables?

Are you looking for a simple and fast way to improve your energy, get better sleep, develop a stronger immune system, look years younger, and have problem-free digestion?

Hello there! I’m Ryan Carmody, founder of Healthy Smoothie HQ and certified Holistic Health Counselor. I’m so excited to share with you my new book, Transform Your Health with Smoothies:

My book provides everything you need to create delicious smoothies in just 10 minutes each day for improved health, glowing skin, super-fast weight loss, high energy levels, and much, much more!

Look, I totally understand the challenges of eating healthy. For years, I bought into those same myths you are for not taking control of my health. My biggest excuses were that eating healthy would be too “time consuming,” and I needed the cooking wizardry of Martha Stewart to include the recommended daily allowance of veggies and fruits in my diet.

Boy, was I ever wrong! 

I’m here to tell you that it’s remarkably easy to turn your health around with a simple blender, and the fruits and vegetables of your choice. That’s it. You don’t need any special skills or fancy equipment or lengthy cooking videos. Thanks to Transform Your Health with Smoothies, you’ll be able to effortlessly turn even those fruits and veggies you’ve avoided since childhood into delicious and healthy smoothies in a mere 10 minutes each day, and reap an astonishing array of health benefits!

Let me explain how I discovered the incredible healing power of smoothies…..

If only I knew about the enormous health benefits of smoothies years ago!

Eight years ago, I was in terrible physical shape. I was overweight, lacked energy, had severe skin problems, and could barely drag my tired butt out of bed each morning to go to work. I also felt like I was in a constant fog and wasn’t as mentally sharp as I used to be. And even though I exercised, I was unable to shed those excess pounds.

My doctor scared the heebie-jeebies out of me!  He warned me that once I turned 30, “it would be all downhill from there.”  Well, my 30th birthday was right around the corner, so I knew I had to act fast.

I tried to improve my diet by eating the required daily amounts of veggies and fruits, but it was a constant struggle. Even as a kid, I hated vegetables, and still couldn’t stomach their texture and taste.

Plus, I mistakenly believed that the only way to eat healthy was by slaving over a hot stove, but my only cooking skill was microwaving leftover pizza!  And with my busy schedule, I sure didn’t have time to take cooking lessons.

So, it was back to grabbing unhealthy fast food on the run, while my health continued to decline.

I discovered smoothies just in the nick of time!

One afternoon I stopped by a juice bar and ordered a smoothie. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t even sure what a “smoothie” was, but thought I’d give it a try.  And I watched nervously as all those yucky greens and other veggies I had such a strong aversion to my entire life were dropped inside the blender. But the final result was the most flavorful drink I’d ever tasted!  And you know what else? I felt an instant energy boost!  I couldn’t wait to go home and start preparing smoothies myself.

My initial foray into healthy smoothie preparation was blending kale and spinach, along with some sweet fruit. The result was mind-blowing taste and more increased energy. For years, I struggled to include greens and other veggies in my diet, and now they were instantly transformed into flavorful smoothies, enabling me to finally receive adequate nutrition each and every day.

My miraculous health transformation and rapid weight loss, thanks to amazing smoothies!

In only a few short months, I completely turned my health around. I shed 15 pounds, and finally achieved my ideal weight. I was sleeping like a baby, had high energy levels and increased mental clarity. I had my mojo back!

As my smoothies evolved over the years, so has the depth of my knowledge and expertise in all matters related to health and nutrition. I graduated from the prestigious Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a certified holistic health coach. I also keep up-to-date on the most current research and findings in health and nutrition, regularly devouring countless books, newsletters, documentaries, and articles. I’ve attended countless health and nutrition conferences, and listened to hundreds of podcasts.

My mission is to spread the word throughout the world about the incredible health benefits that even one smoothie each day provides (although smoothies are so tasty, you won’t be able to resist drinking more!)

Transform Your Health with Smoothies is the definitive guide to creating the most flavorful and potent smoothies in the world to achieve all your health goals.

My book was born out of a deep passion to share the spectacular smoothie recipes and other vital information I discovered during my own healing process. My mission is to help others improve their health and quality of life with the same powerful tools that proved so invaluable to me. Think of my book as your personal gateway to deep healing and transformation on many different levels. Just like I did, you’ll easily….

Achieve your ideal weight without dangerous diet pills, fad diets and risky surgery.

Gain renewed self-confidence.

Have tons of energy to accomplish all your goals.

Effortlessly digest your food without suffering from discomfort or inconvenience.

Feed your body (and your family) nutrient-dense foods.

Look years younger, with glowing skin, hair and nails.

Sleep better and wake up feeling fully refreshed.

Detox the easy and safe way with smoothies.

Take charge of your health and life, and no longer need to spend money on medical bills and prescription drugs.

I want absolutely nothing to prevent you from getting into the best shape of your life, both mentally and physically. Transform Your Health with Smoothies normally retails for $34.00. But if you order today, I’ll discount the price to the rock bottom cost of only: $27.00!

Order today and you’ll gain instant access to….

149 different master recipes in 9 different categories, so you’ll never get bored.

Optional add-on ingredients, so you can customize each recipe based on your own unique health goals and preferences. The possible recipe variations are endless!

Vital tips and additional information for creating the healthiest smoothies, much of which is applicable to your overall diet.

The fundamentals of a healthy diet to support all your health goals.

Think smoothie ingredients lack variety? Think again!

You’ll never become bored with the mind-boggling array of 149 different master recipes in 9 different categories, including....

Fruit Smoothies

Choose from an astonishing variety of recipes that incorporate all of the wonderful fruits Mother Nature has to offer in a multitude of delicious combinations.

Does transforming your overall health and well-being with delectable, simple to prepare smoothies sound way too good to be true?  Here’s some irrefutable proof……

Smoothies have successfully transformed the health and lives of thousands of grateful people around the world, even getting many of them off medication!

"Almost a year ago I found your healthy smoothie recipes and I have had one every single morning since! I've also started to walk and run. I've lost 40lbs and gained tons of energy! I could never get my daily vegetables and fruits in until I started drinking these smoothies! I feel so much healthier and I love them! Thank you so much! I enjoy getting your emails too. They are so upbeat and informative!"

Lisa from Newburgh, Indiana

"I am 65 years old and have been in bad health for quite sometime. About 7 months ago I started drinking smoothies and in researching HEALTHY, not unhealthy ones, I came across you. I had many questions on them and you were amazing with your input & recipes. This month I had my annual lab work done & my doctor was amazed at the results compared to last year. I have also lost weight, have more energy, and just feel great. Thank you so much for keeping me informed on new recipes."

Sue from Mount Olive, Alabama

"I didn’t notice I was losing weight until I went to the store to buy a pair of pants…pick up my regular size 18 only to find out the pants are too big. I then try on a size 16 and still too big. Now I am proud to say I am a size 14. Just by drinking healthy smoothies and changing my diet. One friend asked me to give her the name of the pill I’m taking to lose weight. LOL. All I did was to direct her to your website. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work…especially to a working single mum like myself who can’t afford a gym memberships."

Sammy from Toronto, Canada

"I have been enjoying Ryan’s smoothie recipes for over a year and I love them! I especially appreciate all of the information he has researched about why certain foods make the smoothie great. His research on what superfoods we can add was very informative. You won’t be disappointed following Ryan’s insights and wisdom on your smoothie journey! Great job Ryan!!!"

Ann from Hambrugh, Michigan

"Thank you for new healthy ideas for ingredients that I can add-on to my smoothies. My blender is no longer occupying space ;) I use it every morning for my breakfast smoothie. I used to struggle with constipation but not anymore. I am almost at a healthy weight, I am getting there. I have clearer skin; I noticed that it was when I was making papaya (paw paw) smoothies. I feel good and healthy. Thank you so much – you are helping us!"

Gugu from Johannesburg, South Africa

"I started using smoothies in early 2014 and discovered and Ryan Carmody. I did not need to look further as Ryan’s website had all and more than I needed. In May of 2014 I had a painful arthritic problem that required medication and therapy. I am 80 years old. When I searched for smoothies for inflammation I found several on Ryan’s website and while I was in therapy for a scheduled 8 sessions I was able to discontinue them after 4 sessions as my pain and ability to walk comfortably were cured. No more medication and I attribute the smoothies I was having as a big reason for the improvement.  I have not had any occurrences of pain."

Ron from Aurora, Ohio

"Smoothies have changed my life!!! Went for an eye appointment and she remarked about the healthy state of my blood vessels since I am diabetic. I have lost 18 pounds. My blood pressure is wonderful. My diabetes meds have been cut in half!!! Also I no longer have nerve pains in my feet. I look forward to my next labs and doctor visit as I intend to continually improve as far as this will take me."

Fred from London, England

Call me crazy, but I’m going to sweeten this already incredible pot even more. If you order today, I’ll include a FREE bonus of my book, Extraordinary Elixirs, at no extra cost!

What the heck are elixirs, you ask? Elixirs are very similar to smoothies, but are served warm, which make for soothing drinks, especially when it’s cold outside. If you’ve never experienced an elixir, you’re in for a real treat! Delicious elixirs are often considered to be medicinal, as they’re often prepared with a curative tea. This FREE bonus book contains everything you need to make your own flavorful and healing elixirs, including a wide variety of delectable recipes with detailed, step-by-step instructions.

What are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating and start reaping the countless health benefits of yummy and easy to prepare smoothies today!

Remember…. if you order Transform Your Health with Smoothies today, I’ll also include a free gift of my awesome book, Extraordinary Elixirs. I know you’re going to love it!

100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so positive you’ll be thrilled with the smoothie recipes and other vital diet, nutrition and health information in Transform Your Health with Smoothies, I’ve removed all risk by offering a full refund within 60 days if you’re not fully satisfied, no questions asked! 

To your health,

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver” – Mohandas Gandhi

Ryan Carmody, Certified Holistic Health Coach

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