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Smoothies vs Juicing: Which is Better?

Smoothies vs JuicingTo the untrained and inexperienced eye a smoothie and a juice might seem like the same thing or at least very similar. Although both are drinks that are typically made with fruits and vegetables, there are some significant differences between the two.

Smoothies include a greater variety of ingredients and have a thick consistency, while juices are simpler recipes and leave out the fiber and pulp of produce.

In terms of health and nutrition, both smoothies and juices can be great additions to your daily diet. There are pitfalls to watch out for with both, and you should always make your own rather than relying on store bought products. The latter are often high in calories, sugar, and preservatives. To help you decide which is better for your lifestyle, or to convince you that both juices and smoothies have a place in your diet, here is some more information about both.

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20 Tips for Making the Healthiest Smoothies Ever

20 Tips for Making the Healthiest Smoothies EverThere are a number of tricks and tips I’ve learned over the years while making smoothies. Below you’ll find my top 20, which will surely help you blend delicious and highly nutritious smoothies.

Whether you’re looking for new ingredient ideas, ways to increase nutrition, or to achieve a particular health goal (weight loss, more energy, clearer skin), then you’ve come to the right place. The amount of goodness you can pack into a smoothie is practically limitless because of the sheer number of healthy ingredients available to choose from. Smoothies are so much more than fruit and water, as you’ll soon find out.

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21 Reasons to Consume Healthy Smoothies

21 Reasons to Consume Healthy SmoothiesWhy do so many people consume healthy smoothies on a regular basis? I have my own reasons, but thought it would be fun and helpful for others to collect all of the more popular reasons into one spot. Initially, I planned on covering the top 10 reasons, but once I got going I realized 10 wouldn’t do justice to healthy smoothies.

While many of the reasons below are associated with a particular health benefit, several others made the list. After reading this I think you’ll be convinced that developing the habit of making healthy smoothies on a daily basis is an excellent investment of your time and money.

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What Makes a Smoothie Unhealthy?

What Makes a Smoothie Unhealthy

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The simple answer is the inclusion of unhealthy ingredients. It’s not too difficult to identify an unhealthy diet – it’s one comprised mainly of unhealthy foods. The same goes for smoothies. After reading this blog post I’m confident you’ll be able to discern between healthy and unhealthy smoothies with ease.

First, I will attempt to cover all the things you don’t want in your smoothie, which cause the scale to tip in favor of unhealthy. Then I will list the healthy ingredients, and in doing so show you that creating healthy smoothies is actually pretty easy.

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