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Ryan CarmodyHi! I’m Ryan Carmody, creator of Healthy Smoothie HQ. If you are brand new to smoothies, an experienced blender, and/or passionate about health and nutrition, you have come to the right place.

I created this site in 2011 to share everything I have learned and continue to learn about health and nutrition. Information that has helped me transform my health. (Read more about me here.)

What you will find at Healthy Smoothie HQ

Over 200 delicious and nutritious smoothie recipes, articles on addressing specific health issues, and detailed profiles of my favorite group of foods, superfoods. This site, and my free email newsletter, have expanded beyond smoothie recipes to include information on a number of things that contribute to good health such as sleep, exercise, and the importance of getting your fats right.

What is so special about my smoothie recipes?

Every one of them is truly healthy! The popularity of smoothies is fantastic. They are a great vehicle to get a lot of nutrition in a quick to make and easy to consume drink. However, there are a number of recipes out there that are not only unhealthy, but detrimental to your health. Unhealthy smoothies that are loaded with sugar, which I like to call sugar-bombs, and smoothies that call for all sorts of unhealthy ingredients. For more information on what makes a smoothie unhealthy, check out my article:

I only publish and promote healthy smoothie recipes, hence the name of my site :) Here are two “healthy” articles I wrote that may be of interest:

Read how others have benefited from my recipes and information:

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