Smoothies featuring black raspberry

Radical Raspberry Smoothie

Radical Raspberry SmoothieThis smoothie was created for all the raspberry lovers out there. In case you didn’t know, raspberries are my favorite food.

I grew up picking wild red raspberries in a field behind my house, and sometimes from the neighbors garden ;)

My interest in foraging wild foods has since expanded. Although raspberries are still one of my favorite things to harvest. Black raspberries are most common where I live now, and as it turns out they pack more nutrition than the red variety. They certainly live up to the nickname “king of berries”.

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Wild Berry Smoothie

Wild Berry SmoothieTake a trip to the wild side with this delicious and nutritious smoothie featuring wild berries and a few other choice ingredients.

It’s the time of year in my corner of the world when local fruit is most abundant, cultivated and wild. Blueberries and cherries galore, as well as wild fruits such as black raspberries, mulberries, blackberries, and service berries.

My most recent foraging adventure resulted in an epic haul of wild black raspberries and white mulberries. On my way home I knew I’d be using both in a smoothie.

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Wild Black Raspberry Smoothie

Wild Black Raspberry SmoothieThis past Sunday I did a little foraging with my friend and one of the goodies we collected were black raspberries. They’re a little smaller than the conventional store bought variety, but pack a hefty nutritional punch and are quite tasty.

Black raspberries are often referred to as the “king of berries” because of their superior health benefits. They are best known for their potent antioxidant and anti-cancer properties, and also provide anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects. Black raspberry supplements such as capsules, soft gels, and powders are a testament to their health promoting properties.

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