Smoothies featuring rosemary

Raspberry Rosemary Smoothie

Raspberry Rosemary SmoothieMy local CSA had fresh rosemary this week and I couldn’t wait to use some in another smoothie, and smell its beautiful aroma :) My first rosemary smoothie was a huge success and oh so delicious!

I’ve been using rosemary more and more in the kitchen and felt somewhat validated last week while listening to an interview with esteemed herbalist Susun Weed. She mentioned many of rosemary’s wonderful qualities, in particular its antioxidant potency. I actually dug up this article by Susan for those interested in her take – Now Remember Rosemary.

Consider rosemary one of my favorite herbs!

Besides being an antioxidant powerhouse, rosemary is known for the following health benefits:

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Rosemary Green Smoothie

Rosemary Green SmoothieThe latest herb to find its way into my blender is the lovely rosemary. Most people have cooked with rosemary, but have you tried it in a smoothie?

In case you’re new here, I’m a huge proponent of improving the taste and increasing the nutrition of smoothies by incorporating various spices and herbs.

Rosemary is quite easy to grow at home if you’re into that. I actually got a small bundle of sprigs from my CSA (community sponsored agriculture) last week.

Rosemary is no slouch when it comes to nutrition and health promoting properties. Here’s a quick hit list of this awesome herbs top health benefits:

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