Smoothies featuring bone broth

Bone Broth Smoothie

Bone Broth SmoothieIf I could only use one word to describe this smoothie it would be: nourishing.

Nothing feels more nourishing to me than bone broth. The more I learn about this traditional superfood the more I understand why it’s so deeply nourishing.

IMO, bone broth is right at the top of the list of critical things missing from the average diet, which is why I created this smoothie recipe so you can more easily get it into your diet.

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Bone Broth: Traditional and Superior Superfood

Nourishing Bone BrothBone broth is one of those foods that has faded in popularity, but which is coming back thanks to its numerous health benefits, copious nutrients, and great versatility. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on store-bought broths and stocks. These most often contain artificial flavors, MSG, too much salt, and even when organic, lack the most important nutrients that you get from homemade stock. With a little practice you can learn to make a nutritious and delicious broth that can easily become an important and life-changing part of your daily diet.

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Banana Bone Broth Smoothie

Banana Bone Broth SmoothieYou’re probably thinking to yourself, bone broth in a smoothie? It’s extremely healthy, gelatinous, and tastes great, therefore it’s a perfect fit. As I’ve written many times before, if something is healthy and will blend, it’s a good candidate for your smoothies.

It never occurred to me to use bone broth (also known as stock) in a smoothie until I watched a recent video by Sarah of The Healthy Home Economist about Stock That Gels. Sarah mentions having a cup of stock with her breakfast every morning. Cool, but my morning meal is a smoothie 99% of the time. And then it hit me, why not add bone broth to my smoothie?

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