Smoothies featuring green tea

Psoriasis Suppressing Smoothie

Psoriasis Suppressing SmoothieSeveral people have emailed me asking for a recipe to combat psoriasis. For those unfamiliar with psoriasis, it’s a common skin condition characterized by skin redness and irritation. Most people with psoriasis have thick, red skin with flaky, silver-white patches called scales. It’s also considered a chronic inflammatory skin disease.

While researching this condition I uncovered many possible solutions to alleviating psoriasis. The one thing that can be addressed via smoothies is inflammation, which is precisely what this smoothie is designed for.

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Spicy Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Spicy Anti-Inflammatory SmoothieThis is the most potent anti-inflammatory smoothie recipe I could concoct based on my current knowledge, research, and ingredients on hand. Whether you’re battling a health issue (many of which inflammation is at the root of) or sore from an intense workout, reducing inflammation through a delicious smoothie is easier than most other modalities.

There are a handful of spices known for their anti-inflammatory properties, four of which I included in this recipe. Turmeric, a new smoothie favorite of mine, ginger, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon, the first spice I began blending into smoothies years ago. Not only do these spices provide a wide array of health benefits, they imbue your smoothies with a wonderful flavor…if used in the right proportions.

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Adrenal Support Smoothie

Are you often tired for no reason, feel stressed out and run down, have trouble getting up in the morning, or need caffeine, sugary or salty snacks to keep going? These are all symptoms or indications of adrenal fatigue, which you may be suffering from if you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions.

There are a number of lifestyle changes you can make to overcome adrenal fatigue, starting with the regular consumption of healthy smoothies containing ingredients known to support the adrenals.

Below I’ve listed the top smoothie ingredients that nourish the adrenals, most of which are adaptogens.

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Green Tea Smoothie

Green Tea SmoothieTake your green smoothies to the next level by using green tea as the base. Unless you brew a super strong batch of green tea, you won’t notice the taste in your smoothie, but will reap all the wonderful health benefits green tea has to offer.

So, what’s the big fuss over green tea anyways? A considerable amount of research has been conducted, primarily in Asian countries, revealing a mountain of health benefits. First and foremost, green tea is a longevity food. It’s an antioxidant powerhouse, prevents and fights numerous cancers, and is tremendous for the heart. I would need to write a short novel to cover every health benefit, but here are the big ones:

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