Smoothies featuring spirulina

The Healthiest Smoothie Ever

The Healthiest Smoothie EverI’m making a bold claim with the title of this smoothie, but hear me out.

In my quest to have the best day ever, the alchemist in me came out as I threw every superfood in my kitchen into the blender. The result, a delicious, creamy, and outrageously healthy superfood smoothie.

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Green Superfood Smoothie

Green Superfood SmoothieThis is my go to green superfood smoothie when I get cravings for chlorophyll. I like to mix my smoothies up to ensure I get a good healthy balance of vitamins and minerals (and keep things fun and interesting), but truth be told, I’d have no problem guzzling this guy every day.

Starting my day with plenty of greens puts me in a good mood, with plenty of energy, feeling good about myself! The combination of ingredients in this smoothie provide an abundance of goodness. Let’s delve into the myriad health benefits.

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Iron-Rich Energy Greens Smoothie

Iron-Rich Energy Greens SmoothieI’m really excited for this recipe swap with Sheleana and her partner Caleb from Young and Raw! Their site is chalk full of great smoothie recipes as well as raw food dishes and treats. As someone who loves green smoothies, their Iron-Rich Energy Greens Smoothie was right up my alley.

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