Herbal Smoothies

Incorporating herbs into your smoothies is a great way to boost the nutrition and enhance the flavor. Herbs have been used for centuries to cure a host of ailments and prevent illness. You can address a particular health problem by using herbs known to help alleviate it. For example, ginger is great for digestive issues. Below you’ll find all the herbal smoothie recipes I’ve posted with many more to come.

Hot and Spicy Green Smoothie

Hot and Spicy Green SmoothieEvery once in a while I find myself in the mood for a hot and spicy smoothie. In order to heat up my smoothies I simply add a little chili powder or cayenne pepper.

If you haven’t tried a hot smoothie, I encourage you to give it a whirl. Besides being a nice change of pace, spices such as chili powder offer their own unique health benefits.

Chili powder is rich in vitamins A and C. Vitamin A supports your eyesight and the health of your bones, teeth, and skin. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, boosts your immune system, and helps in recovery from injury. Chili powder is also rich in the minerals potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and iron and contains a little zinc, manganese, and selenium.

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Tasty Turmeric Smoothie

Tasty Turmeric SmoothieGet all the wonderful health benefits of turmeric, in particular its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, by incorporating it into this delicious and easy to make smoothie.

Turmeric has been used in Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries because of its superior health promoting properties. In the health circles I hang out in I feel like this “super spice” is being talked about more and more, primarily because of its superior anti-inflammatory action.

With inflammation at the root of so many illness such as arthritis, it’s important to include anti-inflammatories into your diet. With turmeric you get much more than a reducer of inflammation though.

Here’s a quick rundown of turmeric’s other health benefits.

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Red Hot Fruit Smoothie

Red Hot Fruit SmoothieSome people like it hot and I happen to be one of them. If you enjoy spicy and moderately to very hot foods, you’ll undoubtedly like this smoothie.

Why would you want to add cayenne pepper to your smoothie, other than to heat it up?

The health benefits of cayenne pepper are vast and various. First, it’s an anti-inflammatory and inflammation plays a role in almost every health problem. It’s also anti-cancerous, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-allergen, and anti-irritant. Call it the king of anti’s :)

Looking to lose a little weight? Studies have shown that people who consume cayenne pepper for breakfast have less appetite and thus reduces caloric intake throughout the day. Cayenne also boosts metabolism, which helps the body burn excess fat.

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Cilantro Smoothie

Cilantro Smoothie

Now that’s a nice thick cilantro green smoothie.

The unique flavor of cilantro has the ability to liven up any dish or smoothie. I got some beautiful cilantro from my local farm this past week and had to blend up an equally beautiful green smoothie.

Also known as coriander, this wonderful herb with fantastic flavor offers much in the way of health benefits. Many herbs and spices such as cilantro pack a higher concentration and wider variety of antioxidants than common fruits and veggies. This means more effective free radical scavenging in your body.

Cilantro is perhaps best known for its ability to cleanse and remove heavy metals like mercury from the body. Chemical compounds in cilantro bind to heavy metals, loosen them from your tissues, and usher them out of your body in the process known as chelation.

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Rosemary Green Smoothie

Rosemary Green SmoothieThe latest herb to find its way into my blender is the lovely rosemary. Most people have cooked with rosemary, but have you tried it in a smoothie?

In case you’re new here, I’m a huge proponent of improving the taste and increasing the nutrition of smoothies by incorporating various spices and herbs.

Rosemary is quite easy to grow at home if you’re into that. I actually got a small bundle of sprigs from my CSA (community sponsored agriculture) last week.

Rosemary is no slouch when it comes to nutrition and health promoting properties. Here’s a quick hit list of this awesome herbs top health benefits:

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Savory Sage Banana Smoothie

Savory Sage Banana SmoothieAfter consuming this smoothie I couldn’t stop kicking myself for not using sage in a smoothie before now.

The sweet savory flavor of sage, and its myriad health promoting properties, make it a superb smoothie ingredient.

My adventures of incorporating more and more herbs and spices into my smoothies has proven quite successful. I encourage you to play with the various herbs and spices as well.

Here are a few of sage’s better known health benefits:

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