Smoothies featuring cherry

Tart Cherry Mango Smoothie

Tart Cherry Mango SmoothieTickle your taste buds with this flavorful tart cherry mango smoothie. It’s just as nutritious as it is delicious.

You know that feeling when you find a twenty dollar bill in the back pocket of an old pair of pants? That’s kind of how I felt when I discovered a bag of frozen tart cherries buried behind the blueberries in my freezer. Naturally, I made a smoothie with these little balls of flavor the next morning for breakfast.

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Cherry Blueberry Smoothie

Cherry Blueberry SmoothieTwo of my favorite fruits are in season here in Michigan and I can’t get enough of them :)

Trips to the farmer’s market are extra rewarding this time of year. While walking home with bags full of fresh, local food, feelings of gratitude abound. Remember, fresh tastes best!

Cherries and blueberries tickle your taste buds and are known to benefit your health in the following ways.

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The T-Mac Smoothie

T-Mac SmoothieThis smoothie is dedicated to an old colleague and friend, Todd, aka T-Mac.

Todd and I are both workout warriors and love to play basketball. When we get on the same team, watch out :)

To fuel our active lifestyles we need plenty of nutrient dense foods and nutritionally loaded smoothies. This smoothie was designed to replenish your body after an intense workout or for a complete breakfast.

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Avocado Cherry Smoothie

Avocado Cherry SmoothieThe one ingredient I can’t seem to make a smoothie without lately is avocado. I guess I’m addicted to the alligator pears and their rich creamy goodness. Thankfully they’re loaded with nutrition :)

About 1 and 1/2 cups liquid and half of a large or one whole avocado is a great foundation for a smoothie. From there, toss in the ingredients you have on hand or whatever sounds good and you’re golden.

For this smoothie I grabbed the frozen cherries out of my freezer and blended up a real treat. Tasty and healthy.

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Cherry Chocolate Mocha Smoothie

Cherry Chocolate Mocha SmoothieThis smoothie is for all the coffee, latte, and mocha lovers out there.

For some people, the day doesn’t officially start until they have their morning coffee.

What if you could combine your morning coffee with several healthy ingredients resulting in a delicious and highly nutritious superfood smoothie? Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

You can use pretty much any liquid as the base of your smoothie, coffee being a viable option.

Coffee along with the other ingredients this recipe calls for combine to deliver a good deal of nutrition. Just what your body needs to ensure you have the best day ever!

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Sweet Dreams Smoothie

Sweet Dreams SmoothieAre you having trouble sleeping at night? Say goodbye to insomnia and hello to a good night’s sleep full of sweet dreams with this smoothie.

Most people aren’t getting enough sleep at night for one reason or another and their health and way of life is suffering because of it. Fortunately, there are a several foods that blend well in a smoothie that are known to induce a good night’s sleep.

These foods contain substances such as magnesium, a natural sedative, melatonin, sleep regulator, and serotonin, another chemical that induces sleep.

Here are the ingredients for this smoothie and how each one contributes to a good night’s sleep.

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