Smoothies featuring orange

Blood Orange Kefir Smoothie

Blood Orange Kefir SmoothieThis is one decidedly delicious smoothie that’s super easy to make with only two ingredients.

It’s my version of an Orange Julius.

When blood oranges are in season I load up and enjoy a fair amount of them blended into smoothies. I find their crimson, almost blood colored flesh both beautiful and mouth-watering.

Here are the top blood orange nutrients and their health benefits:

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Cold & Flu Buster Smoothie

Cold & Flu Buster SmoothieKick colds and flu bugs to the curb with this immune boosting smoothie!

Or consume periodically to prevent catching colds and the flu.

The idea for this recipe is from a fellow health and smoothie enthusiast, Amber. She tweaked this recipe she found online by adding a super cold and flu busting ingredient, garlic. I took her recipe a step further by using ginger tea instead of water and adding a little coconut oil.

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Greek Yogurt Strawberry Smoothie

Greek Yogurt Strawberry SmoothieIf you like Greek yogurt and rich, flavorful, creamy goodness, you’ll love this smoothie.

This recipe is not a result of one of my successful kitchen experiments. Fellow Greek yogurt enthusiast, Elizabeth, gifted this recipe to me.

With ample healthy fat and adequate protein. This smoothie is nice and filling. It’s also quite healthy thanks to the star ingredients.

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Citrus Smoothie Popsicles

Citrus Smoothie PopsiclesThere’s nothing quite like a cool Popsicle on a hot summer day.

Ditch the store bought variety loaded with sugar and artificial food coloring and make your own healthy treats.

Pretty much any smoothie recipe is a candidate to make Popsicles with. However, this recipe is particularly tasty, cooling, and not too far from the real thing.

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Chocolate Orange Smoothie

Chocolate Orange SmoothieCombining the taste of chocolate and orange in a smoothie is a match made in heaven. The chocolate and orange combo isn’t quite as popular as chocolate and cherry or chocolate and raspberry, but it’s definitely in the same league of tastiness.

This is one of those smoothies that qualifies as a dessert, albeit a healthy one. What health benefits do the ingredients of this smoothie have to offer? Let me tell you.

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Blood Orange Cherry Smoothie

Blood Orange Cherry SmoothieWith a surplus of blood oranges on hand from a recent purchase of five pounds worth through, I decided to use a couple of these bad boys to make what turned out to be one ridiculously delicious smoothie. It was pretty healthy to boot, which is always my chief aim when making a smoothie.

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