Smoothies featuring blueberry

Spicy Arugula Smoothie

Spicy Arugula SmoothieIf you dig the peppery, spicy flavor of arugula then you’re going to love this smoothie. If you’re not a fan of arugula then I suggest finding another healthy smoothie to kick-start your day with.

Arugula is one of my favorite greens. I get excited like a kid in a candy store when it’s available through my local CSA. I typically combine arugula with other greens to make a spicy salad mix, and occasionally toss it into my blender to spice up my smoothie.

Besides being decidedly delicious, arugula offers some fantastic health benefits.

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Peach Blueberry Smoothie

Peach Blueberry SmoothieTickle your taste buds with this delicious fruit smoothie!

I was able to procure peaches for the first time this season at the farmer’s market today. I’ve been eagerly awaiting their arrival because I love peaches and have been waiting to make this smoothie recipe.

This recipe was inspired by a comment on my Pretty Peachy Smoothie by Mary (thanks!) who informed me that peaches love ginger. She’s absolutely right and I can confirm it myself. I’ll definitely be making this again.

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Blueberry Gelatin Protein Smoothie

Blueberry Gelatin Protein SmoothieThis smoothie features one of my new favorite ingredients, gelatin.

Gelatin is basically pure protein, and thus a great source of this macronutrient. I’ve had success with a couple high quality protein powders over the years. Problem is, they’re a little pricey and not a whole food, and I strive to get the majority of my nutrients from whole foods.

What is gelatin and what’s so special about it?

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Blueberry Applesauce Smoothie

Blueberry Applesauce SmoothieJust when I thought I’d exhausted all the possible smoothie ingredients along came one I somehow overlooked, applesauce :)

My friend and I recently harvested a couple hundred apples and I decided to make applesauce to preserve most of my share. I found this awesome crock pot applesauce (no sugar added) recipe that I highly recommend. Turning apples into delicious applesauce was a piece of cake.

Now what to do with my bounty of applesauce. Freeze some, eat some, use in pancake batter, and naturally add to my smoothies.

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4th of July Smoothie

4th of July SmoothieCelebrate this national holiday with a festive and healthy red, white, and blue smoothie.

For those of you who don’t live in the United States, make this smoothie because it’s nutritious and delicious :)

One thing I always notice at holiday gatherings is a smattering of unhealthy food. Don’t get me wrong, indulging once in a while keeps you sane, and the 90/10 diet, or eating healthy 90% of the time resonates with me. However, some holiday food spreads are just plain ridiculous.

Why not bring something healthy to the table? This fruit smoothie is perfect as a tasty snack or dessert. You can even freeze it and serve as ice cream.

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Blissful Bee Pollen Smoothie

Blissful Bee Pollen SmoothieBee pollen is another wonderfully nutritious superfood that goes well in just about every smoothie. You can blend it, or sprinkle on top of your smoothies like candy, my preferred way :)

These nutritious golden granules are not only smoothie worthy, you can top your desserts with them, add to salad dressings, sprinkle on cereals, salads, and yogurts, add to trail mixes, and otherwise incorporate them into your diet in many other creative ways.

By now you’re probably wondering what’s so special about bee pollen. Let me tell you!

Bee pollen is one of the most complete foods found in nature with the following attributes and health benefits.

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