Smoothies featuring raw milk

Schizandra Berry Superfood Smoothie

Schizandra Berry Superfood SmoothieThis flavorful and exceptionally nutritious smoothie featuring the five-flavor superfood, schizandra berry, is sure to tickle your taste buds and ensure you have the best day ever :)

Schizandra berry is one of my new favorite superfoods. I dabbled with the berries in the past, using them to make tea, but it wasn’t until this fabulous new extract powder recently hit the market that it became a regular in my rotation.

Here’s a quick run down of the top health benefits attributed to this wonderful superfood.

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Pina Colada Smoothie

Pina Colada SmoothieAfter my first two sips of this smoothie one word came to mind: fantabulous :)

Not only is this one delicious smoothie, it’s creamy and has a nice mouth feel. Definitely a keeper that I’ll be making again.

This is the kind of smoothie I like to make for dessert or as a treat, a nutritious and healthy treat that is.

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Radical Raspberry Smoothie

Radical Raspberry SmoothieThis smoothie was created for all the raspberry lovers out there. In case you didn’t know, raspberries are my favorite food.

I grew up picking wild red raspberries in a field behind my house, and sometimes from the neighbors garden ;)

My interest in foraging wild foods has since expanded. Although raspberries are still one of my favorite things to harvest. Black raspberries are most common where I live now, and as it turns out they pack more nutrition than the red variety. They certainly live up to the nickname “king of berries”.

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Blueberry Mango Raw Milk Smoothie

Blueberry Mango Raw Milk SmoothieWhat would I do without my raw milk, or as like to call it, white gold. Raw milk and the kefir I make with it are staples in my diet.

Real raw milk from grass-fed cows is a complete food that you could live on exclusively if you had to. It contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, cholesterol, and beneficial bacteria.

Some of the amazing health benefits of raw milk include boosting the immune system, strengthening teeth and bones, and helping children grow up to be strong and healthy. It’s been shown to alleviate asthma and allergies, and help resolve digestive issues, arthritis, and osteoporosis among other things.

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Post Football Practice Smoothie

Post Football Practice Smoothie

This smoothie was designed to refuel your body after an intense session of exercise. It’s important to consume protein within an hour after exercising to provide your body with the raw materials needed to recover and rebuild.

Football practices are well under way across the country, hence the name of this smoothie, which is a great option after any sort of challenging workout, competition, or sport specific practice.

While composing this recipe post I was reminded of the not so healthy milkshakes I use to drink after football practice as a youngster. Regular old store bought milk, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup. If only I knew then what I know now.

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Banana Bone Broth Smoothie

Banana Bone Broth SmoothieYou’re probably thinking to yourself, bone broth in a smoothie? It’s extremely healthy, gelatinous, and tastes great, therefore it’s a perfect fit. As I’ve written many times before, if something is healthy and will blend, it’s a good candidate for your smoothies.

It never occurred to me to use bone broth (also known as stock) in a smoothie until I watched a recent video by Sarah of The Healthy Home Economist about Stock That Gels. Sarah mentions having a cup of stock with her breakfast every morning. Cool, but my morning meal is a smoothie 99% of the time. And then it hit me, why not add bone broth to my smoothie?

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