Detox Smoothies

Detoxification is an integral part of maintaining and achieving vibrant health. The detox smoothie recipes below offer a gentle and easy way to do some detoxing. If you consistently add known detoxification agents like ginger, lemon, and cilantro into your smoothies you’ll be way ahead of the game.

Lemon-Lime-Kale Detox Green Smoothie

Lemon-Lime-Kale Detox Green SmoothieLemon and lime combine for a one-two detox punch. Throw in the cleansing properties of kale, a banana for creaminess and taste, and you’ve got yourself a delicious detox smoothie.

Citrus fruits are well known for their detoxification properties, lemons and limes being no exception.

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Watermelon Dandelion Greens Detox Smoothie

Watermelon Dandelion Greens Detox SmoothieI’m back with another smoothie that I consider a mild detoxifier. It’s my belief that if you routinely consume foods and herbs that help the body detox, you don’t need to engage in extreme detox protocols or diets such as the master cleanse or olive oil liver flushes very often, if at all.

It’s also nice when you can detox by drinking a smoothie that doesn’t force you to gag when taking :)

Here’s how the primary detoxifiers in this recipe, watermelon and dandelion greens, aid the body in eliminating undesirables, which will reenergize your body, help shed excess weight, and improve your overall health.

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Ginger Watermelon Detox Smoothie

Ginger Watermelon Detox SmoothieThis recipe was inspired by a recent question I received from one of my twitter followers, Terri. She asked if I had any detox smoothie recipes that didn’t seem so disgusting.

Whether or not a smoothie is delicious or disgusting is subjective. Nevertheless, I set out to create a detox smoothie that I thought would appeal to Terri, and a wider audience. I also decided to hold off a while before posting a detox smoothie recipe featuring clay :)

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Cleansing Cranberry Bliss Smoothie

Cleansing Cranberry Bliss SmoothieWhile grabbing a few bags of raspberries and blueberries from the freezer at Whole Foods yesterday I noticed frozen cranberries. It occurred to me that I’ve been neglecting this nutritious berry lately and thus snatched a couple bags with thoughts of blending them into my smoothie the next day.

The cranberries seemed to synchronistically come along as I was still doing a little detox work and eating lightly to “recover” after a mini-vacation. Something I like to do whenever I deviate from my normal eating habits for a couple of days to a week.

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Tropical Cilantro Smoothie

Tropical Cilantro SmoothieI got a big bunch of cilantro from my local food co-op this week and have been using it liberally in my salads, omelets, and of course smoothies. A small green leafy herb that’s often used to garnish, don’t take cilantro lightly, it packs a hefty nutritional punch.

In this day and age where we find ourselves bombarded by toxins from every direction it’s important to get enough detoxification agents into our diet.

Cilantro is best known for its ability to detoxify heavy metals, in particular mercury from the body. Studies have shown that consuming large amounts of cilantro daily can actually mobilize mercury and other toxic metals from the central nervous system, which is why cilantro is often used with other herbs and supplements in chelation (removing heavy metals from the body) therapy.

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Ginger Orange Detox Smoothie Recipe

Ginger Orange Detox SmoothieI find more and more people are embracing detoxification with the understanding that it’s an essential part maintaining and achieving optimum health. With the chemical bombardment we endure in our daily lives, eating a clean diet alone isn’t enough. Periodic detoxification efforts are needed. Detoxing doesn’t mean an intense 7 day fast on nothing but water. You can do a gentler and more mild cleanse by incorporating ingredients like ginger into your smoothies.

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