Smoothies featuring lemon

Spring Detox Smoothie

Spring Detox SmoothieThis smoothie is perfect to consume in the spring – the natural detox season.

If you’re like me, you feel a natural urge to detox after a long winter. Consuming spicy, bitter, and astringent foods help the body shed excess fat and proteins stored during the winter months.

This recipe combines the different foods that help your body detox. Here’s a quick rundown of each.

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Sugarless Lemonade

Sugarless LemonadeThis is perhaps the easiest and most refreshing fresh juice recipe ever! Simply juice a couple of apples and a lemon and you’re left with a delicious treat.

Lemonade is most appreciated on a hot summer day. Add a few ice cubes to your fresh juice, or pour into your blender, add ice, and blend until you have a cool, slushy beverage.

Here are a few reasons why you’d want to drink this besides that fact it tastes great.

Apple Juice Health Benefits

  • Antioxidant rich
  • Liver and kidney cleanser
  • Good for digestion and toxin removal
  • High in vitamin C
  • Heart healthy
  • Can offer relief from asthma
  • Drink your apple a day

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Super Skin Glow Fresh Juice

Super Skin Glow Fresh JuiceIt’s officially glowing skin time here at Healthy Smoothie HQ!

I figured a good juice recipe for your skin would be a nice compliment to my most recent smoothie recipe, The Official Glowing Green Smoothie.

Nothing brings out the glow in your skin like fresh juice. This recipe contains some of the most beneficial fruits and vegetables for healthy, supple, beautiful skin.

Here are the ingredients with a brief description of how each promotes healthy, glowing skin.

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Lemon-Lime-Kale Detox Green Smoothie

Lemon-Lime-Kale Detox Green SmoothieLemon and lime combine for a one-two detox punch. Throw in the cleansing properties of kale, a banana for creaminess and taste, and you’ve got yourself a delicious detox smoothie.

Citrus fruits are well known for their detoxification properties, lemons and limes being no exception.

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Cleansing Cranberry Bliss Smoothie

Cleansing Cranberry Bliss SmoothieWhile grabbing a few bags of raspberries and blueberries from the freezer at Whole Foods yesterday I noticed frozen cranberries. It occurred to me that I’ve been neglecting this nutritious berry lately and thus snatched a couple bags with thoughts of blending them into my smoothie the next day.

The cranberries seemed to synchronistically come along as I was still doing a little detox work and eating lightly to “recover” after a mini-vacation. Something I like to do whenever I deviate from my normal eating habits for a couple of days to a week.

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Apple Dandelion Green Smoothie

Apple Dandelion Green SmoothieI often hear complaints from people who are sick and tired of rotating between only spinach and kale in their green smoothies. News flash! There’s a wide variety of green leafy veggies to choose from. Arugula, radish greens, swiss chard, collards, beet greens, lettuce, and one of my personal favorites, dandelion greens.

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